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Coat of arms of KlichawAlternate names: Klichaw and Клічаў [Bel], Klichev and Кличев. [Rus], Klitchev [Yid], Kličaŭ, Klitchaw, Kliczew. 53°30' N, 29°20' E, 50 miles SW of Mahilyow (Mogilev), 25 miles N of Babruysk.. Jewish population: 115 (in 1819), 433 (in 1939).in Mogilev Region, Eastern Belarus. During WWII,  the town was occupied by German troops and became one of the centers of the partisan activity, In 1944, the German troops moved west of Klichaw, and on September 20, 1944 settlement was included the newly established into Bobruysk oblast, that was abolished in 1954. Klichaw then returned to Mogilev Oblast.

Jewish cemetery exists. [Aug 2015]


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