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Alternate names: Grozovo [Rus, Yid], Hrozów [Pol], Hrozaŭ [Bel], Grozov, Russian: Грозово. Belarusian: Грозаў. 53°10' N, 27°20' E, 52 miles S of Minsk, 14 miles NW of Slutsk, 10 miles E of Kapyl. 1900 Jewish population: 765.

Jewish cemetery: photos. Part of the Jewish cemetery now is used for Christian burials. [February 2010]

"In December 2007, my wife and I visited Grozovo, a small rural village, where many buildings remain intact after WWII. Prior the WWII, we were told Grozovo was almost 100% Jewish and today there are no Jews. How small is Grozovo? There is no running water and only out houses. We met with [former] Mayor Valentin Abramovich, who was in charge of a collective farm for 35 years prior to becoming mayor. ... While his office building was modern and included computers, we washed our hands outside in the yard with water poured from a pitcher. ... After lunch, we drove to the old Jewish cemetery which was in ruins. Also, we visited a gravel pit where the 1942 executions of Jews took place. A memorial was erected to memorialize these Jewish families. ... In April 2011, the JHRG photographed and plotted the gravestones of the Grozovo cemetery for me. During the past four years, since visiting the cemetery, it was cleared of brush. The old gravestones were exposed and cleaned with the help of retired Mayor Valentin Abramovich. In May of 2011, I received a CD with pictures of over 300 grave stones that need translations." Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , White Plains, NY. [June 2011]

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