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Gorodok is a small town north of Vitebsk in Belarus at 55°28' 30°00'. ShtetLink Information. Gravestone photos and links about mass graves Berezovka and the Vorobiev Hills of Citizens of Gorodok: Winter of 1941.Information with links and information about the cemetery from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The Jewish community was founded during the 18th century. Jewish population: 1772- 400 Jews, the majority; in 1897, 3,413 Jews in Gorodok (68%), and in 1926, 2,660 (48.3%), most of whom were Chabad Cḥasidim petty traders and artisans; and 1939 - 1,584 (21.7% of the total population). Gorodok was occupied by the Germans on July 9, 1941.MASS GRAVES: The Jews were herded into open fields outside the town In August 1941, 2,000 were murdered; the rest on October 14. [December 2009]

JOWBR burial listing [August 2010]

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