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Alternate names: Dunilovichi [Rus], Duniłowicze [Pol], Dunilovitsh [Yid], Dunilavichi [Bel], Duniłavičy, Danilevitch, Dunalovitch, Dunovitz, Duniloviche, Danileviciai, Dunilovicy, Dunilaviciy, Belarusian: Дунілавічы. Russian: Дуниловичи. Yiddish: דונילאוויטש. 82 miles N of Minsk, 80 miles ENE of Vilnius, 18 miles WSW of Hlybokaye (Głębokie), 16 miles ESE of Pastavy (Postawy). Located at 55°04' N, 27°14' E in Vitebsk Oblast, 81.7 miles N of Minsk. Yizkor: Khurbn Glubok, Sharkoystsene, Dunilovitsh, Postov, Droye, Kazan: dos lebn un umkum fun Yidishe shtetlekh in Vaysrusland-Lite (Vilner gegnt) (Buenos Aires, 1956). Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 346: "Dunilowicze". Shtetl Finder (1980), p. 22: "Dunalovitch, Danilevitch". Town photos and links. 1897 Jewish population: 1810. March 2009]

The cemetery was almost impossible to navigate safely because it was so overgrown.The Jewish Heritage Research Group of Belarus arranged for an annual clean-up of the cemetery. They cut the grass and lifted the stones. [February 2010]

Monument at massacre site of 828 Jews of the town on 21 November 1942. photo of site and monument at massacre site of the Jews of Postavy and Dunilovichi on 12 November 1942. [March 2009]

Photos. [February 2010]

JOWBR burial listings [August 2010]

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