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Alternate names: Dubrowna [Bel, Pol], Dubrovno [Rus, Yid], Dubrovka, Dubroŭna, Dubrovna. Belarusian: Дуброўна. Russian: Дубровно. 54°34' N, 30°41' E at 48 miles SSE of Vitsyebsk (Vitebsk), 12 miles ENE of Orsha. 1900 Jewish population: 4,364. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), XV, p. 449: "Dubrowna". In 1898, 4,559 Jews lived in Dubrovna, known as almost the only place manufacturing woolen ṭallits since at least 1750. photo About 600 artisan families worked in their own homes. Dyers of dark blue ("tekelet") woolen thread earned eight to ten rubles a month. Weavers earned less than the dyers. The launderers (10 or 12 families), who wash the ṭallits, earned sometimes five rubles a week. The shavers ("goler"), about 20 families, who cut the nap from the surface of the ṭallitim, received the least. The three or four dealers has agencies in important commercial centers within the Pale of Settlement. The Dubrovna ṭallit was sold abroad, even in America until machine-made ṭallitim from South Russia and Lithuania replaced them. Besides weavers 270 Jewish artisans and 24 day-laborers lived there. Source [March 2009]



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