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Coat of Arms of Ivacevičy

Alternate names: Drahichyn [Bel], Drogichin [Rus], Drohiczyn [Pol], Drohitchin [Yid], Drahitschyn [Ger], Drogičinas [Lith], Drohichin, Drohiczyn Poleski, Drahičyn, Dorohiczyn, Belarussian: Драгічын. Russian: Дрогичин. דראהיטשין-Yiddish. 52°11' N, 25°09' E, 40 miles W of Pinsk, 33 miles E of Kobryn. (This is not Drohiczyn, Poland, 49 miles WNW of Brest.) Jewish population: 1,300 in 1878; 1,521 in 1921; and 4500 in 1939. Yizkor: Drohiczyn; finf hundert yor yidish lebn (Chicago, 1958). ShtetLink. Drahichyn Raion is an administrative subdivision of Brest Oblast. Jews farmed in Drohitchin in 1463-1494. In 1655, all of the Jews of Pinsk found shelter from the Cossacks on the estates of the noblemen in Drahichyn and Khomsk with a large part of their goods and their property. Two mass murders of the Jews of Drahichyn occurred on July 25 and October 17, 1942. [April 2009]

CEMETERY: The last gravestone was destroyed in the 1970s.  [February 2010]

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