BOBYNICHI: Vetrino County, Vitebsk District Print

55°17' N 28°25' E 101.4 miles NNE of Minsk


cemetery photo. [February 2010]

Holocaust Memorial: [July 2015]

I am the Director of The Together Plan Charity based in London. We are helping to empower small and isolated Jewish communities in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Union. In Polotsk, North Belarus, there is a small Jewish community who are now running a most wonderful cemetery project. Last weekend they discovered the completely overgrown Jewish cemetery in Bobynichi. They sent us photos and a report. There are a number of Jewish cemeteries that we will be attending to, taking account of records, taking photos and recording data where possible. One is a very large cemetery in Gorodok. There is a member of the Chagall family buried there. We have a history of the Jewish community of Gorodok which we can share. The cemetery project is proving to be a really valuable community project, bringing the existing Jewish community together and we really want to help to bring more support to enable it to develop. Debra Brunner, Director. The Together Plan. UK registered charity no. 1154167. [July 2015] NOTE: Please contact the project directly if you would like to help.


Between December 1941 and January 1942 94 (max. 108) Bobynichi Jews were taken to a field close to the town and shot to death by Germans. [July 2015]


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