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Alternate names: Byaroza, Бяроза / Бяроза-Картуская [Bel], Bereza, Берёза [Rus], Bereza Kartuska [Pol], Kartoz-Brezah, ביירזה קרטוסקה / קרטוז-ברזה , בערעזע [Yid], Bereze, Brezah, Biaroza, Bjaroza, Bereza Kartuskaya, Biaroza Kartuzskaia, Kartusskaya Bereza, Kartuz Bereze, Kartuz Bereza. 22 miles E of Pruzhany. Bereza was located in the Pruzhany District of Grodno Guberniya. [August 2009]

Yizkor: Pinkas Pruzhany ve-ha-seviva; edut ve-ziharon le-kehilot she-hushmedu ba-shoa (Tel Aviv, 1983). Pinkas me-hamesh kehilot harevot Pruzana, Bereza, Malch, Schershev, Seltz (Buenos Aires, 1958). Kartuz-Berezah; sefer zikaron ve-'edut le-kehilah she-hushmedah hy"d (Tel Aviv, 1993). Pinkas HaKehilot, Poland, Vol. 5 (1990), p. 222-226: "Bereza Kartuska". Steve Morse website. history. The village of Biaroza (meaning Birch) was first mentioned in 1477 as part of the Slonim paviet. Later the town became the private property of the Radziwiłł family. During WWII, a small ghetto was created in the town for Jews from the surrounding area. More than 8,000 people were killed in mass executions or starved to death by the Germans. burial lists from Bereza sections of other cemeteries. [August 2009]

CEMETERY: Also see Antopol. Jewish photos. The only gravestone preserved is kept in local museum.  [February 2010]


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