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Alternate names: ??????????? [Belarussian), Beshenkobichy, Byeshankovichy [Bel], Beshenkovichi [Rus], Bishenkovitz [Yid], Bieszankowicze [Pol], Beshenkowitschi, Beshenkobichy, Bjeschenkowitschi, Beshankovichy, Besankovicy, Biešankovi?y, ??????????? (Hebrew). Beshenkowitschi. Lepel uyezd, Vitebsk gubernia. 55'03" 29'27", 31 miles WSW of Vitsyebsk, between Orsha and Lepel. . History. Solomov Yudovin, artist of the Jewish Revival movement, lived here. Jewish history. 1900 Jewish population: 3,182. Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), pp. 133-134: "Beshenkovichi". Shtetl Finder (1989), p. 7: "Bishenkovitz". photos. February 2010]

MASS GRAVE: On the right bank of the Western Dvina River is a memorial to Holocaust victims inscribed: "Here lie 1067 local residents, killed by Nazis on February 15th 1942." Source [February 2010]

Jewish cemetery existed/s. photos. [February 2010]

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