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Official seal of BeshenkovichyAlternate names: Бешенковичи [Belarussian), Beshenkobichy, Byeshankovichy [Bel], Beshenkovichi [Rus], Bishenkovitz [Yid], Bieszankowicze [Pol], Beshenkowitschi, Beshenkobichy, Bjeschenkowitschi, Beshankovichy, Besankovicy, Biešankovičy, ביישינקוביץ (Hebrew). Beshenkowitschi. Lepel uyezd, Vitebsk gubernia. 55'03" 29'27", 31 miles WSW of Vitsyebsk, between Orsha and Lepel. . History. Solomov Yudovin, artist of the Jewish Revival movement, lived here. Jewish history. 1900 Jewish population: 3,182. Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), pp. 133-134: "Beshenkovichi". Shtetl Finder (1989), p. 7: "Bishenkovitz". photos. February 2010] a town in the Vitebsk Province and port on the Western Dvina river. It is 51 km (31.69 mi) west of Vitebsk on the railway line between Orsha andLepiel. 2004population: 8,200.

Wikiipedia [Apr 2014]: "Biešankovičy was then a largely Jewish settlement, numbering 3,182 Jewish citizens in 1900. The Jewish Encyclopedia, published between 1901 and 1906, describes the town's population as four fifths Jewish of whom 576 are artisans. The town had a synagogue, many houses of prayer, three benevolent societies, and numerous religious schools. Under Soviet power, Biešankovičy became an urban settlement and was the center of the raion for several years. It later became part of the Vitebsk oblast. During the second world war, Biešankovičy fell under German control and was almost entirely destroyed. 10,276 persons from Biešankovičy and the raion were massacred, including the entire Jewish population. The town was recaptured on June 25, 1944 by the1st Baltic Front."


photos. [Apr 2014]

Jewish cemetery. photos. [February 2010]

MASS GRAVE: On the right bank of the Western Dvina River is a memorial to Holocaust victims inscribed: "Here lie 1067 local residents, killed by Nazis on February 15th 1942."Source [February 2010]




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