BELITSA: Bobruisk uezd/Gomel, formerly Lida, Vilna [Bielica, Bilitza, Belitza, Belitzah, Belica] Print

Alternate names: Belitsa [Rus], Bielica [Pol, Bel], Bilitza [Yid], Belitza, Belitzah, Belica, Russian: Белица. Belarusian: Беліца. Hebrew: בליצע. Located at 53°39' N, 25°19' E,  21 miles W of Navahrudak (Nowogródek), 16 miles S of Lida. 1900 Jewish population: 679.

Yizkor Pinkas Bielica (Tel Aviv, 1968).


"...the abandoned Jewish cemetery in Belitsa, which is almost 54 [sic] centuries old. Belitsa was once a Jewish settlement and at this time there are no Jews there. We organize Voskresniki (hours of unpaid labour) to clean the territories around the memorials, to fix them in case of vandalism. In February 2001 Zenon Bunko reported about the place where Jews from Lida and Vilnius were buried. We needed two and a half years to gather proofs, documents and to find sponsors. On the 13th of August 2003 the monument was opened. Boris Golubovich gave money for the fence (8mx22m) around this "third ditch". And Lida's painter and sculpter Richard Grusha put into the monument his talent and a great sum of his own money. Source: [February 2004]

Belitsa (LDRG) - Regional Special Interest Groups [March 2008]

photos. [Oct 2014]

photos. photos. [February 2010]


  • pictures of site of execution of 36 Jews from Belitza on July 23, 1941. [Aug 2015]

Photos courtesy of Andrei Burdenkov [August 2016]


[UPDATE] Investigation of execution site by Yahad-in-Unum [August 2017]


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