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Alternate names: BARANOVICHI, BARANOVICHE, Baranowicze, Baranovichy (Belarusian: Баранавiчы, Baranavichy, IPA[ba'ranavʲitʂɨ]; Russian: Барановичи, Baranovichi). Located at 53°08' N, 26°02' E, 70 miles N of Pinsk, 33 miles SSE of Navahrudak in Novogrudok uezd, Minsk guberniya. Baranovichi was in the Novomyshskaya volost'. 1900 Jewish population: 2,171. [March 2009] Town images and links. [March 2009] YIZKORS:

Jewish cemetery in Baranovichi is fenced off and nicely kept, thanks to the work of the Baranowitzer Society of Israel and a local man, Schmuel Kaplan, who was my host. There are memorials there. One gravestone turned on its side supposedly covered the crypt of the Halperin family, one of the prominent families before the W.W.II. Kuncevitsky, Turevsky, Vinograd and Slucjac stones are in the foundations of surrounding buildings. There are also memorials at the two mass grave sites. One is where the Germans themselves reported killing 19,000 Jews around July 31, 1942. The report is available from the Nizkor Project on the Internet. The other is at the site where 3,000 Czech intellectuals were executed after being taken off a train from Czechoslovakia, supposedly for a rest stop. Visit was May 5-9, 1977. Sources: Larry S. Goldblatt, M.D., This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [1999]

"My Memoirs From Palonkeh and Baranovichi, Belarus, 1904 to 1922" [October 2000]and Belarus SiG newsletter article.[October 2000]

photos. [February 2010]

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