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Файл:Coat of Arms of Bahušeŭsk.png Bogushëvsk and Богушевск [Rus], Bahušeŭsk and Багушэўск [Bel], Boguszewsk [Pol], Bogashevskaya, Bogushevskoye. 54°51' N, 30°12' E, 24 miles S of Vitsyebsk, 24 miles NNW of Orsha, 20 miles E of Syanno. 1939 Jewish population: 569.


Bogushevsky/Bogushevtsah Cemetery Guide:  On Jewish Roots, a Russian language forum, a posting by "The Pesina" (, has listed a link to the above cemetery's guide. The guide is  in Russian prepared by Alexander Kuznetsov (2005) in eight parts (the names are the same but sorted in various groupings): Index to Graves in Rows, Alphabetical Index of Burial, Chronological Index by: DOB or date of death, List of Jews buried in "the cemetery of construction Korolinskom Bogushevsk", Jews who live or worked in Bogushevsky but were buried elsewhere, List of non-Jews buried in the cemetery, and Who's Who? (ex. relationship to others, status in life, occupations, etc.) A few of the names mentioned are: AVRUTIN, ARONOV JACOBSON, EFREMOV, ALTSHULER, RONKIN, OVSISCHER, SHEFTER, ASMAN, KLYATS, TUV, LUBIN, KULIK, GOZIN, KAGAN, PLIS, KLYATS, GNESIN, CROOK, LIPKIN, LEVITICUS, GENIN, RASKIN, RUDIN, SVERDLOV, SOROCHKIN, HANIN, KHITRIK, EIDLIN, MEYERSON, LOFENFELD, BLUMIN, RVKIN, MATVEIKO, MINKOW, NOSOVSKY, et al. Please see the sites for further information. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Florida [October 2012]

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