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Alternate names: Antelpolie, Belarusian: Антопаль. Russian: Антополь.Yiddish: אנטיפאליע. Hebrew אנטופול [March 2009]. 52°12' N, 24°47' E, 164.7 miles SW of Minsk, 5 miles west of Gorodets and 13 miles west of Selets, 46 miles E of Brest (nearly half-way to Pinsk).1900 Jewish population: 3,137.  Jewish population: 1847: 1108; in 1897: 3140 out of 3870, and 1939: 2300 out of 3000. Jews lived in Polesia in the 14th century, but only settled in Antopol in the mid-17th century.

photos. /  Antopoler Young Men's Benevolent Association is a database created by Jerry Seligsohn. Many Jews died during the 1706 Swedish invasion as evidenced by a rows of Jewish graves, called "The Swedes," on the road into town. Two vistors from Jerusalem visiting in the 1880s mentioned the Jewish community in records. In 1869, almost the entire town burned down and was rebuilt. Before WWII, five bet midrashim and a Hassidic "stibl" existed. The old synagogue that burned down durin ANTg WWI was replaced with a new synagogue on the same site. Antopol Jews, landowners and leaseholders growing corn, potatoes, and vegetables and employing peasants in the vicinity, founded agricultural coops in Antopol. Before WWI, 21 Jewish farms existed. After WWI, the economy was difficult. Jews fattened geese, imported sickles and scythes from Vienna and were carters and peddlers. Under Polish rule (WWI to WWII), the deteriorating economy encouraged many young people to emigrate. The Germans occupied the region in June 1941, deporting the Jews to a concentration camp and then to Bronna Gora; in an "Aktion" (liquidation) which started on October 15, 1942 and lasted for four days, all Jews still alive in the Antopal Ghetto were killed.


The old Jewish Cemetery and mikvah remain. photos.  [March 2009] photos. photos. [February 2010]

Mass Graves: The massacre site of 4000 Jews in 1941-1942. Holocaust memorial and cemetery photo. March 2009]

Restoration of cemetery. [December 2010]

[UPDATE] Photos of Jewish Cemetery [February 2017]

Facebook photos [February 2017]


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