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Coat of arms of Scheßlitz 49°57' N, 11°04' E, 11 miles ENE of Bamberg, in Landkreis Bamberg, Upper Franconia, N Bavaria. Today, part of Scheßlitz (or Schesslitz) on the rise to the Franconian Switzerland on the A 70 between Bamberg and Bayreuth, lying 14 km NE of the former. Jewish population: 166 (in 1837), 22 (in 1933).

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604 Bavaria Oberfranken, near Bamberg (Gerz).

96110 Bavaria, Oberfranken, near Bamberg.
Cemetery technically is in Demmelsdorf, about 800 m NE of Zeckendorf, way off driveable road. Cemetery was established 1784 with old and newer tombstones, including one from 1947. Source: Steinerne Zeugnisse juedischen Lebens in Bayern; eine Dokumentation, 2nd ed. by Israel Schwierz. Muenchen: Bayerische Landes- zentrale fuer politische Bildungsarbeit 1992, ISBN 3-87052-398-0, 368 pp. [1st ed. 1988, ISBN 3-87052-393-X, 352 pp.].

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