STRAUBING: 94315 Bavaria Niederbayern (Gerz, Peters)
Jewish Community existed until 1942, with members from Deggendorf, Landshut, Passau, Plattling and Vilshofen, re-established in 1945. Cemetery was dedicated in 1923, is well tended, also has recent tombstones. Source: Steinerne Zeugnisse jüdischen Lebens in Bayern; eine Dokumentation, 2nd ed. by Israel Schwierz. München: Bayerische Landes- zentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit 1992, ISBN 3-87052-398-0, 368 pp. [1st ed. 1988, ISBN 3-87052-393-X, 352 pp.].
A small town on the Danube, between Regensburg and Passau. The synagogue, ransacked after crystalnacht, has been completely rebuilt as it was more than 50 years ago. The cemetery is in good condition. The town today has a congregation of 300 with many being new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The president of the congregation is Israel Offman. Source: Fred Firnbacher, 2315 Peggy Land, Silver Spring, MD 10910-2330
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