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SCHNAITTACH: 91220 Bavaria Mittelfranken (Gerz)
I, II and III.
There are three cemeteries, with the oldest containing a single tombstone. Next one dates from Middle Ages: "Israelite cemetery since the 14th c; in 1950 renovated by the State of Bavaria." Many old, massive tombstones. Third cemetery, near Krankenhausweg 12, has many 20th century tombstones, and memorial for victims of Nazism. Source: Steinerne Zeugnisse jüdischen Lebens in Bayern; eine Dokumentation, 2nd ed. by Israel Schwierz. München: Bayerische Landes- zentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit 1992, ISBN 3-87052-398-0, 368 pp. [1st ed. 1988, ISBN 3-87052-393-X, 352 pp.].
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