NUREMBERG: 90411 Bavaria
Remains of the early medieval cemetery are in the Germanische Nationalmuseum. Current cemetery with several rows of tombstones is at Johann-Priem-Str. 20, in decent condition, with evidence of earlier vandalism. Other cemetery, with excellent care, is at Schnieglinger Str. 155, with large monument to the dead of WW I, incl. 2 Russian prisoners of war. Monument to victims of Nazism some of whose tombstones are being renovated.
Source: Steinerne Zeugnisse juedischen Lebens in Bayern; eine Dokumentation, 2nd ed. by Israel Schwierz. Muenchen: Bayerische Landes- zentrale fuer politische Bildungsarbeit 1992, ISBN 3-87052-398-0, 368 pp. [1st ed. 1988, ISBN 3-87052-393-X, 352 pp.].

NOTE:  Memorials to Fallen Jewish soldiers in WW1: more information and/or

photographs in "Haus der Bayrischen Geschichte" (click on City Index.)
Jewish history of Nuremberg
· Bärenschanzstrasse Str.: oldest. "In February 1944 it was destroyed in an air raid of the Nazis; As a consequence 200 epitaphs were lost." [January 2001]

In former Sudetenland of the Czech republic, West Bohemia, Richard Svandrlik < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > and his son possibly can help. The latter speaks German and English. Together they wrote a book and produced a CD: 1. Richard Švandrlík senior.: Juden in Marienbad. 52 pages, 46 photographs b/w. publ. Mariánské Lázne 2004. and 2. Richard Švandrlík junior.: Die Geschichte der Juden in Marienbad. CD (PDF-Format). See [November 2009]

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