MÖNCHSDEGGINGEN: 86751 Bavaria (Gerz)
Area of Danube-Ries
The community existed 1684 -1879 but cemetery probably was dedicated in 1833. About 130x130 feet with solid wall and six rows of tombstones. Source: Steinerne Zeugnisse juedischen Lebens in Bayern; eine Dokumentation, 2nd ed. by Israel Schwierz. Muenchen: Bayerische Landes- zentrale fuer politische Bildungsarbeit 1992, ISBN 3-87052-398-0, 368 pp. [1st ed. 1988, ISBN 3-87052-393-X, 352 pp.].
Moenchsdeggingen lies between Noerdlingen and Harburg. All the 150 headstones were cleaned in 1987. The documentation of the Moenchsdeggingen grave inscriptions has been nearly completed. A few minor portions of the translation work need extra research [March 2001]. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Libanon Strasse 79, 70186 Stuttgart, Germany (Harburg Project) is doing this work. Contact him for more information.
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