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KRIEGSHABER: 86156 Bavaria (Gerz, Peters).
Hummelstr. 80; Augsburg, Bavaria at the corner of Hooverstrasse and Madisonstrasse. There is a newer Augsburg Jewish cemetery located in the Ansteten district.

The Kriegshaber cemetery is about 400 feet wide by 300 feet deep. It is surrounded by a five foot high cement wall topped by barbed wire. On all sides of it are apartment houses called Centerville, used by families of American servicemen stationed at the nearby Kriegshaber American military installation. In the middle of the cemetery is a house constructed in 1802 in which the German-speaking caretaker (Peter Felber) lives. The cemetery is divided into four quadrants. The one record book in the possession of the caretaker covers only the front right quadrant (as seen from the entrance gate)(used from 1867 to about 1910) and the graves are in chronological order. The front left quadrant has only grass and a small vegetable patch. The tombstones in the left rear quadrant are not as well ordered and cover the period from about 1800 to about 1870. The inscriptions are in Hebrew, German or a combination. The rear right quadrant continuing behind the house has older tombstones with only Hebrew inscriptions. Overall the cemetery is in good condition, considering age and events, but many of the stones are illegible or crumbling. Some tombstones have been repaired or restored.

Until the early nineteenth century, Jews could neither live or be buried within the Augsburg city limits. The Jews who lived in what were then the suburbs of Kriegshaber, Pfersee and Steppach were all buried in the Kriegshaber cemetery. The cemetery was founded in 1636 ( perhaps actually 1627) and has a very interesting history as described in Stadtanzeiger, the weekly supplement to the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper dated Tuesday, September 25, 1973.

I have a copy and an English translation of the Stadtanzeiger article and some related articles about the Kriegshaber synagogue. Furthermore, I have a listing of the locations of about 90 graves in the newer part of the cemetery. Source: Arthur Obermayer, 239 Chestnut Street, West Newton, MA 02165; Fax (617) 244-2496; Tel (617)244-2398.

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More information on Kriegshaber Cemetery here:

Source:  Arthur Obermayer, 239 Chestnut St, W. Newton MA 02165, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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