KRAUTOSTHEIM: 91484 Bavaria (now Sugenheim) (Gerz, Peters).
91484 Krautostheim part of Ullstadt-Sugenheim, Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim, Middle Franconia in Bavaria, Germany.
  • CEMETERY LOCATION: south-east of Ullstadt, about 400 meters south of the road Ullstadt-Langenfeld, bordering a wooded hill.
    CORDINATES: Latitude: 49.57769 / Longitude: 10.384925
    HISTORY: The cemetery in Ullstadt was created in the 17th century serving the Jewish communities of Burgambach, Burghaslach, Diespeck (until 1811), Dottenheim, Kaubenheim, Neustadt on the river Aisch (until 1811), Pahres, Scheinfeld, Schnodsenbach, Schornweissach, Sugenheim (documented since 1620)until some of these communities had acquired their own cemeteries. The oldest gravestone is dated 1627 (Salman ben Abraham, died 1. Februar 1627). The cemetery was substantially enlarged in 1838 and since covers an area of 1.564 acres. The cemetery is enclosed by a 1,20 meter high natural stone wall at the back of which is a wooden fence. The large funeral house is still in place at the cemetery entrance.
[translated from German October 2007]