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GERODA, Unterfr: 97779 Bavaria, Lower Franconia (Gerz, Peters).

DISTRICT: Bad Kissingen.


IN USE: Created 1910 - first burial January 1911 and last in 1940.

NUMBER OF GRAVESTONES:  About 40-50, most with more recent dates.


  • Numerous individual gravestone photographs and general cemetery views in Alemannia Judiaca.
  • "Jüdische Friedhöfe in Bayern" publ. Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst, Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte.



  • A Jewish community existed in Geroda from the 17th century until 1942. The history of this community and the cemetery are explained on a large notice board outside the cemetery.
  • Prior to having their own cemetery with a mortuary, this community used the burial ground of the Pfaffenhausen Jewish community. When, in 1938, the Nazi authorities in Pfaffenhausen decided to close the local Jewish cemetery, the situation was reversed and their burials had to take place in Geroda. In addition, the Jewish communities in Platz and Unterriedenberg also used the Geroda cemetery for burials. The mortuary was pulled down in 1966 after it had fallen into disrepair.
  • The cemetery is set amongst trees and shrubs. It has a metal gate decorated with a Magen David.It is also enclosed by wire-mesh fencing and maintained in very good order.

SOURCE: Alemannia Judaica and Schwierz, page 61 (Schwierz LBI).

(Researched and translated from German October 2009)

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