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FELDAFING: 82340, Upper Bavaria (Peters).

DISTRICT: Starnberg.

LOCATION OF CEMETERY: At the end of Friendensweg (A), immediately adjoining the Christian cemetery.

IN USE: From May 1945 until March 1953 - see NOTES below.

NUMBER OF GRAVESTONES: Substantial numbers of gravestones but no actual figures available.


  • In Schwierz - refer to Sources below.


  • After the end of WW2 a large camp for Jewish DPs (displaced persons) existed here from May 1945 until March 1953, which took care of liberated survivors of concentration camps prior to their emigration to Israel or elsewhere. This camp included cultural and religious institutions, such as a Kindergarden, schools, a synagogue and a Jewish hospital. Those DPs who passed away while staying in this camp were buried in a newly created Jewish cemetery, adjoining the local Christian cemetery. In addition a memorial in honor and memory of Jewish victims of the Nazi terror was erected reading: "Hier ruhen unzählige Opfer jüdischen Glaubens.Sie wurden in den Jahren 1933-1945 durch Nazischergen ermordet". (Here lie countless Jewish victims. They were murdered by Nazi henchmen between 1933 and 1945).

SOURCE: Alemannia Judaica and Schwierz, pages 307-308 (LBI).

(Researched and translated from German September 2009).


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