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DEGGENDORF : 94469, Bavaria, Lower Bavaria (Gerz, Peters).

DISTRICT: Deggendorf Urban District.


· Pandurenweg (Detail). The Jewish section adjoins the mortuary of the general city cemetery at the Pandurenweg. It is separated from the latter by a green hedge.

IN USE: From 1945 until 1967.

NUMBER OF GRAVESTONES: Approximately 44 gravestones.


· A few gravestone photographs and general cemetery views in Alemannia Judiaca.


· In Schwierz – refer to Sources below.


· From the mid 19th century onwards up to and including the Nazi era, the small local Jewish community used the cemetery in Straubing for burials.

· A post WW2 Jewish community existed in a camp for displaced persons in Deggendorf between 1945 and 1949. Most of the camp’s occupants were survivors of the infamous Theresienstadt concentration camp. The Deggendorf camp housed up to 1500 people, who had their own cultural center, newspapers, a theater group, a synagogue, a mikvah and more. The camp closed on 15 June 1949. Camp residents who died during the period of their stay were buried in the Jewish section of the general city cemetery as well as a few who remained in Deggendorf thereafter.

· A commemorative plaque bearing the inscription: “To the Living as a reminder, to the following generations as a warning” was dedicated in 1989 by the city of Deggendorf, in memory and honour of the Jewish fellow citizens who died in the Deggendorf camp following their inhuman treatment in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

The cemetery is being very well maintained.

SOURCE: Alemannia Judaica and Schwierz, pages 336-337 (LBI).

(Researched and translated from German September 2009)

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