WERTHEIM: 6980 Baden-Wuerttemberg (Gerz)
[Reference to unknown list of names] These people were living there in 1933 and were killed some time between 1940 and 1944. There is a notation in German "They gave their lives for their beliefs." Also includes 3 names as being 'from Dertingen'-possibly born there and living in Wertheim. Die Hebraeischen Steininschriften in Wertheim am Main; Die Epitaphien des 15 Jahrhunderts, Wertheim: 1964. 19-48 p. illus. 30 cm. Detached from Wertheimer Jahrbuch, 1961/62. ID # q PN 6297 H4 R33 Source: Leo Baeck Institute.

To see information and photographs of individual gravestones in cemeteries in Baden-Wuerttemberg, click on this link and follow the directions on that page.

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