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Coat of arms of Stühlingen 47°44' N 8°26' E . STÜHLINGEN (STUEHLINGEN): Stühlingen is a small town in the district of Waldshut in the south of Baden-Württemberg. The health resort located on the Stühlingen Wutach on the southern edge of the Black Forest at 449-850 meters altitude is directly on the border with Switzerland (municipality Schleitheim ). Stühlingen is part of the southern Black Forest. The city combined with the previously independent municipalities Bettmaringen , Blumegg, Eberfingen, Grimmelshofen, Lausheim Mauchen, Oberwangen, Unterwangen und Weizen and 32 more villages, hamlets, tines, farms and houses. Synagogue.


79780 Baden-Württemberg (Peters).

DISTRICT: Waldshut.

LOCATION OF CEMETERY: precise location unknown but beyond the river Wutach in Stühlingen, above the Schaffhauser Weg.

NOTE: Location is found! "Jewish cemetery was located on the right side of the old road to Schaffhausen, formerly an important connection to neighboring Switzerland. The path is almost overgrown today. Only insiders know where the road once was.In historical publications the location of the Jewish cemetery is only vaguely described as "on the other side of the Wutach". The latter is also true for the Schaffhausen path branches, on the left from the path that leads to the brick cottage.You stroll above the path through the dense undergrowth, overgrown, can still be found at most relics on an old stone wall. Soon a sign with the appropriate reference to the Jewish cemetery is installed at the entrance to the former Schaffhausen way. Intended as a guide for future generations. The old path leads steeply uphill and ends after about 300 meters in a well-maintained dirt road. The German-Swiss border is not far from there.This runs on the crest of the Stühlingen Stühlinger recreation area "Flayer forest". Just remember landmarks everywhere because there the Confederation begins. From the former Jewish community ca,e Stühlinger Nathanael Weil, who lived from 1687 to 1769. He was Chief Rabbi of Baden..Probably in 1743, Stühlinger Jews were expelled. Part of the exiles moved to Switzerland, after Gailingen, Randegg, Emmen, Eichstetten and Ihringen." [Apr 2013]

IN USE: From around the 16th century.


NOTES: A Jewish community existed in Stühlingen from the 16th to the 18th century. They had their own cemetery but its exact position is not known, except that it was believed to have been on the other side of the river Wutach, above the Schaffhauser Weg. After the expulsion of Jews in 1743 it is likely that the cemetery was cleared and the gravestones used for other purposes (see Rosenthal 1927, page 175, also Hahn 1988 page 557).

SOURCES: University of Heidelberg

(Researched and translated from German December 2008)


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