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Coat of arms of Sontheim 48°33′25″N 10°17′3″E, Sontheim is a municipality in Heidenheim district, NE of Ulm at the southern end of the Swabian Jura. Sontheim an der Brenz consists of the main community Sontheim and the villages of Brenz and Bergenweiler. Brenz and Bergenweiler became part of Sontheim during Baden-Württemberg's last district reform in the 1970s.

Landmarked Cemetery: Wikipedia. The cemetery for the Jewish communities of Sontheim, Talheim, and Horkheim in Won Schozach and 2937 m². Hewas 1841-1844 was created in 1912 and significantly expanded. Earlier, they used the cemetery at Affaltrach. Of the total 308 gravestones, 120 were from Talheimer Jews. The oldest gravestone is from 1842 and the last from 1943, but n the southern wall of the cemetery is a 1855 gravestone found during excavation for the Charlesport on the Neckar at Heilbronn and 1420 gravestone inserted, a remnant of the late medieval second Jewish cemetery in Heilbronn, opposite city on the other side of the Neckar.

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