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74740 (part of Sennfeld) - Baden Wuertemberg (Gerz)

DISTRICT: Neckar-Odenwald LOCATION: Adelsheim SennfeldI

N USE: from 1884 to 1939N

NUMBER OF GRAVESTONES: located 128 in 1987 and 131 by 1999.

DOCUMENTATION:1987 photos of all gravestones and list of graves by the Zentralarchiv. A documentation of the cemetery was made in 1996, using these photographs, by the Landesdenkmalamt (editor: Monika Preuß).and between 1994 and 1999 by Reinhart Lochmann. Photos of all grave stones,Copy: German inscriptions.

PUBLICATIONS:general photo of cemetery by Hundsnurscher/Taddey 1968, No. 193history by Wetterauer 1985.

NOTES: prior to 1884, the Deceased were buried in Bödingheim (Hahn 1988 page 377)

SOURCE: University of Heidelberg[translated from German December 2007]

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