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Coat of arms of Schwetzingen 49°23' N 8°35' E, 301.4 miles SW of Berlin.  town situated in NW Baden-Württemberg, around 6.2 mi SW of Heidelbergand,  9.3 mi SE of Mannheim. District center for Altlußheim, Brühl, Hockenheim, Ketsch, Neulußheim, Oftersheim, Plankstadt and Reilingen. homepage of Schwetzingen. Wikipedia.

Gravestone video [Apr 2013]

68723 Baden-Württemberg (Gerz, Peters).

DISTRICT: Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.

LOCATION OF CEMETERY: In the north-western part of the City cemetery, close to corner of Bochumer Strasse with Am Langen Sand (Detail).

IN USE: From 1893 until 1955.



  • 1987 photographs of all gravestones with mapping of graves by Zentralarchiv.

  • 1992 cemetery documentation including above photographs by the Office for Historic Monuments (Landesdenkmalamt ed. Monika Preuß).

  • Numerous photographs of individual gravestones and general cemetery views in Alemannia Judaica

PUBLICATIONS: Sie gehörten zu uns : Geschichte und Schicksale der Schwetzinger Juden ed. Albrecht Lohrbächer in collaboration with Michael Rittmann, 125 pages pub.1978 by the Schwetzingen Buergermeisteramt (DNB).

NOTES: Prior to 1893 burials of Schwetzingen Jews took place in the Wiesloch cemetery. (Schwetzingen 1978, pages 67, 68).

  • The planned construction of a mortuary could not be realised.

  • The cemetery was desecrated in January 1932, when 9 gravestones were toppled and seriously damaged. A reward of 200 Marks was offered for the apprehension of the culprits.

  • Additional desecrations took place in 1931, 1970 and 1975. (Schwetzingen 1978, pages 67, 68).

SOURCES: University of Heidelberg and Alemannia Judaica.

(Researched and translated from German January 2009)

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