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Coat of arms of Schwäbisch Gmünd48°48' N 9°47' E, 301.4 miles SSW of Berlin. Schwäbisch Gmünd is a town on the Rems river about 50 km E of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, at the northern foot of the Swabian Jura Mountains. With a population of around 60,000, the town is the second largest in the Ostalbkreis and the whole region of East Württemberg after Aalen. The town is a Große Kreisstadt, a chief town under district administration; It was the chief town of its own rural district until the district reform on 1 January 1973. Wikipedia. [Mar 2013]

REFERENCE: Book in German called Jüdische Wohnstätten und Geschäftsgebäude in Schwäbisch Gmünd: "In the Middle Ages Jewish citizens lived within the city walls. A private Jewish quarter (ghetto), the "Jewish Court", was near the King's Tower. Up into the 18th century a synagogue existed. Since 1520 Gmünd was "free of Jews". In the second half of the 19th Century, Jewish immigrants came to Schwäbisch Gmünd again . At the end of the 19th century, the Jewish population was about 100 people. Known personalities: Gutmann, Heimann, Mayer, Kahn, Aquarius. The Oberndorf rabbinate became an independent religious community in Gmünd. At the beginning of the 20th century, the major economic developments were the Mayer  shoe factory and the start of the department store Meth. The integration of Jewish citizens was improving.After World War One, they were part of the country. In 1926, they finally dedicated their own synagogue, in St. Catherine Street.but also Gmünder Jews economic situation began to decline: the toy factory Kahn, the glass and homewares business (Star) and Mendel Hess, the clothing store by David Heimann and Leinzell in the hosiery factory Uhlmann. In Gmünd dark clouds of anti-Semitism appeared such as in 1932 on the marketplace SA  propaganda parades  with the slogan "Germany awake - to Juden" instead of about 100 Jews lived at the beginning of Nazism in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Many sought emigration abroad, but some had great difficulties. [Mar 2013]



73525 and 7329 Baden-Württemberg (Peters)

  • In the area of the present Königsturmstr./Oberbettinger Str.,/Gemeindehausstr., empty
  • Strassdorf district, first cemetery in Neidlingswald, ehemaliger Flurname "Judenfriedhof", empty
  • Strassdorf district, second cemetery als Flurteil des Schirenhofes, ehemaliger Flurname "Judenfriedhof", empty
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