SCHOPFLOCH: district of Freudenstadt. Schopfloch, Oberiflingen and Unteriflingen Print

Coat of arms of Schopfloch

48°27' N 8°33' E. Schopfloch is a municipality in the district of Freudenstadt in the northern part of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald). Schopfloch consists of three communities: Schopfloch, Oberiflingen and Unteriflingen.

Jewish Cemetery history and photo: Located halfway between the town center and the village of Schopfloch Deuenbach along Bader Road 10. 1356 of about 1,600 gravestones remain. The cemetery dates from 1612 to 1937 and was expanded In 1802. Nazis destroyed the Taharahaus by arson. [Mar 2013]

burial list. Angelika Brosig from community death records of Schopfloch (starting 1876)and also from Dietrich Weiss (Geschichte der juedischen Gemeinde von Feuchtwangen) plus Wolfgang Hammerl's draft on "Juden in Dinkelsbuehl 1862 - 1938".  further details of vital records gathered by Rolf Hofmann. list may contain errors based on difficult legibility of some of the grave inscriptions [August 2012]

photo and photos [August 2012]

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