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Coat of arms of Schomberg48°13' N 8°45' E SCHÖMBERG b. BALINGEN (SCHOEMBERG b. BALINGEN): In the district reform in 1938, Schomberg was allocated to District Balingen. In 1944, the central warehouse of concentration camp Natzweiler-Struthof was here. Schomberg KZ concentration camp. The district Schörzingen had another central warehouse, the KZ Schörzingen . The prisoners had to perform heavy physical labor in order to obtain oil from shale. The production was entirely unprofitable, but was required by the regime, since essentially Germans no longer had enough oil wells. The present city was established on 1 February 1973 as part of the municipality and district reform formed by association of the city with the new Schomberg community Schörzingen. In 2004, a document was found that Schomberg was mentioned as early as 1267. Thus in 2005 only 38 years after the 700-year celebration they held the 750-year celebration. [Mar 2013]


72355 Baden-Württemberg (Peters).

Memorial in concentration camp cemetery on the road to Dautmergen.

The Ecker memorial forest with a memorial and a memorial path recalls the suffering of thousands of concentration camp inmates in the KZ Schomberg Natzweiler-Struthof in the SS project for shale oil works. A documentation center in the surviving ruins informs about this story of hard labor. A kneeling  bronze sculpture by sculptor Siegfried Haas recalls the death of at least 549 prisoners from many countries. At the concentration camp cemetery of Schomberg, 1777 prisoners are buried, some with a cross and some with a relief decorated Jewish memorial. [?] [Mar 2013]



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