OBERDORF and Oberndorf am Ipf: see BOPFINGEN48°52' N, 10°21' E. 20 places in Germany are named 'Oberdorf'. This one is near Bopfingen in Ostalb-kreis, Bezirk Stuttgart, E Baden-Württemberg. 1933 Jewish population: 137. Oberdorf is a suburb of Bopfingen. The Bezirksrabbinat Oberndorf Ipf originated in 1832 in Oberndorf am Ipf and was one of 13 Bezirksrabbinaten that were referred to as district synagogues. By decree of the Ministry of the Interior of 3 August 1832 the merger or dissolution of various Jewish communities divided the total of 41 parishes now became 13 Bezirksrabbinate. Oberndorf Ipf became the seat of Rabbinatsbezirks because of a large Jewish community with 548 members in 1846  The rabbinate was dissolved 1931. [Feb 2013]

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Jewish community Oberndorf Ipf at Alemannia Judaica [Feb 2013]

Synagogue Oberndorf Ipf [Feb 2013]

Family page. [Feb 2013]


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