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Coat of arms of Nordrach.48°24' N 8°05' ENordrach is a municipality in Ortenau district. Nearly 80% of its area is forested as part of the Black Forest. Dr. Otto Walther and his wife, Dr. Hope Adams, founded a TB hospital nearby in the late 19th century. She was the first woman licenced to practice medicine in Germany. Since 1905 Rothschild Foundation in Frankfurt had a sanatorium for Jewish female lung diseaseMA Rothschild sanatorium ). The Foundation's founder was Baroness Adelaide de Rothschild (1853-1935: detailed history of sanatorium and Jewish community. [Mar 2013]

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77787 Baden-Württemberg (Gerz, Peters).

DISTRICT: Ortenaukreis.
LOCATION OF CEMETERY: Michelbach outside Nordrach village (Detail).
IN USE: From 1907 until 1941 and again in 1977.
  • 1988 photographs of all gravestones with mapping of graves by Zentralarchiv.
  • 1992 cemetery documentation including above photographs by the Office for Historic Monuments (Landesdenkmalamt ed. Monika Preuss).
  • Numerous photographs of individual gravestones and general cemetery views in Alemannia Judaica.
  • The Rothschild Foundation (Frankfurt/Main) founded and ran a sanatorium in Nordrach between 1903 and 1940 for patients suffering from lung disease. It was for the patients who died at the sanatorium that the cemetery was created in 1907 (Hundsnurscher/Taddey 1968, pages 229-230). 29 of the graves are for patients who had died up to 1942. The last burial took place in 1977. There are information boards in the cemetery. The cemetery‘s mortuary is still in existence.
  • A memorial plaque for the sanatorium’s founder, Baroness Adelheid von Rothschild was affixed in the spring of 2003 at the entrance to the building in Nordrach. It is assumed that this plaque was originally displayed in 1935.
SOURCES: Unversity of Heidelberg and Alemannia Judaica.

[Researched and translated from German July 2008]

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