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NEUENBÜRG: (NEUENBUERG) see Kraichtal. Another town: Neuenbürg is also a town in der Enz district in the northern Black Forest, near Pforzheim.

The Jewish Cemetery Neuenbürg is located next to the Christian cemetery. In 1945 after WWII, French troops occupied the area. Concentration camp prisoners with typhoid from the camp Vaihingen were brought here to recover, mainly about 500 Polish Jews. Seven of the freed prisoners died in Neuenbürg and were buried next to the municipal cemetery. The Jewish cemetery has an area of 0.30 Ar with seven graves. location. [Mar 2013]

75305 Baden-Württemberg,

Community Kraichtal, district of Karlsruhe 
ADDRESS: general local graveyard 
USE TIME: 1945 
GRAVESTONES: 7 (Former concentration camp inmates who died after liberation in Neuenbürg.) 
- 1988 photos of all stones (and occupancy) by the Central Archives
- Using these photos 1993 basic documentation by Landesdenkmalamt (Author: Monika Preuss). 
- history in Neuenbürg 1959
- overview photo in Hundsnurscher / Taddey 1968 , Fig 165th 
- History in Theobald 1985 (5)
COMMENTS: In 1945 French troops prisoners with typhoid from the liberated KZ Vaihingen were housed in Neuenbürg. 7 dead Jews were buried on a separate parcel next to the graveyard. ( Theobald 1985 (5) ).

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