LICHTENAU: in Landkreis Rastatt (Scherzheim, Ulm, Muckenschopf and Grauelsbaum),, see FREISTETT Print

Coat of arms of Lichtenau48°44' N, 08°01' E. Lichtenau is a small town in Rastatt district in SW Baden-Württemberg,  More than a dozen places in Germany are named 'Lichtenau'. This one is 25 miles SW of Karlsruhe on the French border and in the Upper Rhine River Plains on the right bank of the Rhine between Rastatt and Kehl. . The city of Lichtenau consists of Lichtenau (proper), Scherzheim, Ulm, Muckenschopf and Grauelsbaum.

Center for Jewish History.

CEMETERY: These Jews used the cemetery at Freistett. [Feb 2013]

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