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Coat of arms of Ladenburg49°29' N 8°36' EThis town in the district of Rhein-Neckar-Kreis is situated on the right bank of the Neckar, 10 km E of Mannheim, and 10 km NW of Heidelberg on Bertha Benz Memorial Route. The old town from the Late Middle Ages dates back to Celtic and Roman ages.

Videos of gravestones. [Mar 2013]

68526 Baden-Württemberg (Gerz, Peters).

DISTRICT: Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.
LOCATION OF CEMETERY: Part of today's general City cemetery on Wallstadter Straße (Detail).
IN USE: From 1848 (first burial) until 1938. Oldest legible gravestone dated 1849.
  • 1987 photographs of all gravestones with mapping of graves by Zentralarchiv.
  • 1992 complete cemetery documentation including above photographs by the Office for Historic Monuments (Landesdenkmalamt, ed. Barbara Döpp).
  • 1995 photographs of all gravestones by Ladenburg.
  • Numerous photographs of individual gravestones and general cemetery views in Alemannia Judaica.
  • It is assumed that during the Middle Ages and during the following Early Modern Period the Jewish community of Ladenburg used the cemetery in Worms for burials. During the period between 1674 and 1847 the cemetery in Hemsbach (Hahn 1988, page 470) was used.
  • There is a memorial stone in the cemetery in honour of the Jewish citizens of Ladenburg who lost their lives during the Nazi era.
SOURCES: University of Heidelberg and Alemannia Judaica.

(Translated from German June 2008)

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