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Coat of arms of Krautheim Krautheim is a town in Hohenlohe district on the river Jagst, 8 mi NW of Künzelsau and 10 mi SW of Bad Mergentheim on the border area between Baden and Württemberg regions. Records from the year 1096 mention the area as "Crutheim", but the modern incorporation in 1972-73 merged the formerly independent municipalities of Baden Krautheim, Gommersdorf, Horrenbach, Klepsau, Neunstetten, Oberndorf and the Württemberg-based communities of Altkrautheim, Ober- und Unterginsbach together.  The former municipality Neunstetten includes the village Neunstetten and subdivisions Ölmühle and Untere Mühle. The former municipality Oberndorf includes the village of Oberndorf and the subdivisions of Knock (Kapellenberg) and Stockbrunnenwiesen.


history and photos.  At first the Jews here used the cemetery in Berlichingen. Since 1837 a private cemetery was NE of the city Won "In Zücker" (located on the old road to hill nine Stetter, plot 2237, current size 7.50 ha). On 15 June 1837, Joel Hirsch Rothschild, a businessman and president of the Jewish community Krautheim purchased a field from Joseph Nied. The purchase agreement stated that the "field is bought as a cemetery already created and fenced in half." Obviously, burials were made before the purchase. The oldest surviving gravestones are (April 29, 1837) of Manasseh Blum and Bonele Dukat (died about 20 May 1837). In 1860 the Jewish community bought  an adjacent field from the couple, David Ziegler and Magdalena nee Zürn for expansion of the cemetery. At that time, the cemetery also was used by the Jewish communities in Neunstetten Ballenberg. In 1944 the Krautheimer cemetery was confiscated from the German Empire and the community and made available for purchase. The well-preserved gravestones, especially eight granite ones were offered to the masons, but both the masons ...?. A report by the Tax Office Book indicates no acquisition of Jewish gravestones because cemetery was preserved largely in Krautheim in old condition. photo. [Mar 2013]

74238 Baden-Württemberg (Gerz, Peters)

DISTRICT: Hohenlohekreis.
LOCATION OF CEMETERY: Im Zücker on the old Neunstetter Weg. (Detail).
IN USE: Dedicated 1837 until 1940.
  • 1985 photographs of all gravestones and cemetery layout by Zentralarchiv.
  • Full cemetery documentation completed by Naftali Bar-Giora Bamberger, in Memor-Buch. Die jüdischen Friedhöfe im Hohenlohekreis published in 2002 after his death by Landratsamt Hohenzollern, 2002 two volumes, 1104 pages. (Documentation of all cemeteries and gravestones in Berlichingen, Hohebach, Krautheim, Laibach, and Öhringen).
  • Numerous recent and historic photographs of individual graves as well as general cemetery views in Alemannia Judaica.
  • Eva Maria Kraiss/Marion Reuter: Bet Hachajim. Haus des Lebens. Jüdische Friedhofe in Württembergisch Franken. Künzelsau 2003, with excellent photographs, ISBN 3-89929-009-7 (LBI}.
  • History page 169, photographic cemetery overview, photographs of a single gravestone figs.#119 and 120 in Hundsnurscher/Taddey 1968.
  • History by Bauer 1982.
  • Full cemetery documentation by Bamberger 2002, pages 957-1024.
  • Prior to having their own cemetery in 1837, the Jewish community of Krautheim used the cemetery in Berlichingen (Hahn 1988, page 260).
  • This cemetery was also used by the Jewish communities of Berlichingen , Neunstetten and Ballenberg after 1837 (Hahn 1988, page 260).
SOURCE: University of Heidelberg and Alemannia Judaica.

(Translated from German May 2008)

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