Coat of arms of Königsbach-Stein Königsbach [Ger], Königsbach-Stein. 48°58' N, 08°37' E, 11 miles ESE of Karlsruhe, in Enzkreis, NW Baden-Württemberg. Jewish population: 220 (in 1875), 102 (in 1933).

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    The dead were buried in Obergrombach until 1872 when a separate cemetery in Won "Steidig" (parcel 7122, now on the edge of the residential area "Steidig" end Rhönstraße) was built on 13.89 ha. The land purchase was madebyKaufmann Loew Stern. Löwstern gravestone in the center of the cemetery is considered art-historical "valuable".The first burial was the (d. October 2, 1872), Sarah Tiefenbronner. The cemetery has about 140 graves, arranged in five rows. Starting at the top following the line of men, the front row, directly along the way, are the children's graves. Left of the path are two rows of graves, first women, then men. The last burial in the cemetery was Amalie Stern Schmalz (d. 9 January 1940). Holocaust memorial .map.Desecration in June 1988 left 16 gravestones overturned and partially damaged. sattellite view. [Mar 2013]

    Der juedische Friedhof in Koenigsbach-Stein. Unpublished documentation in the Office of Protection of Monuments 1994. Bearbeiterin: Monika Preuss. Source: Zentralarchiv zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland. Bienenstr. 5, D-69117 Heidelberg, Tel. 06221 / 164-141, (Director: Dr. Peter Honigmann).

    75203 Baden-Württemberg.(Gerz, Peters)

    DISTRICT: Enzkreis.
    LOCATION OF CEMETERY: Königsbach-Stein at the end of Rhönstraße. (Detail).
    IN USE: From 1872 (Sarah Tiefenbronner). Last burial 09 January 1940 (Amalie Stern née Schmalz).
    • 1988 photographs of all gravestones with cemetery layout by Zentralarchiv.
    • 1994 basic cemetery documentation with these photographs by the Office for Historic Monuments (Landesdenkmalamt ed. Monika Preuß).
    • 1994/95 in Königsbach (Burial register, cemetery layout and photographs).
    • Numerous photographs of gravestones and general cemetery views in Alemannia Judaica.
    • Photographic cemetery overview by Hundsnurscher/Taddey 1968, fig.# 112.
    • Photographic cemetery overview by Theobald 1984, page 95.
    • Burial register and cemetery layout in Königsbach 1998, Dust jacket and pages 70-74.
    • Joachim Mehne: Jüdisches Königsbach. Einladung zu einem Rundgang. Haigerloch 2002.
    • Until they acquired their own cemetery in 1872, this Jewish community used the burial ground in Obergrombach (Hahn 1988, page 167). Burial records were also kept in the local Death Registry.
    • The acquisition of their own burial ground was made possible by Löw Stern, a merchant from Königsbach. His gravestone, in the middle of the cemetery, has been designated as being artistically and historically valuable.
    • The cemetery was desecrated in June 1988, when 16 gravestones were toppled, some being broken. (Pforzheimer Zeitung 14 June 1988; basic cemetery documentation page 2).
    • The cemetery contains a memorial in honour of the victims during the Nazi Era.
    SOURCE: University of Heidelberg and Alemannia Judaica.

    (Translated from German May 2008)

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