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Alternate names: Kirchen [Ger], Efringen-Kirchen. 47°39' N, 07°34' E, in Landkreis Lörrach, SW Baden, on the border with France. Jewish population: 192 (in 1873), 60 (in 1933). Synagogue photo and information. KehillaLink. [Feb 2013]


79588 Baden Württemberg (Peters, Zentralarchiv). See Schmieheim. Jewish dead were first buried in Loerrach. A private cemetery in Won Kehl land was dedicated in 1865. (parcel 3646; cemeteries 18.42 a) Located near the present road "Beim Breitenstein", itwas repeatedly vandalized after 1945 (1965, 1973, 1977, 2003). A memorial plaque is found at the entrance to the synagogue. The cemetery entrance gate has had a plaque with the names of victims of Nazi persecution (933 to 1945) since 1966. photos and history. The cemetery was desecrated in September 2003.  [Feb 2013]

Der juedische Friedhof in Efringen-Kirchen; Unpublished documentation in the Office of Protection of Monuments 1992. Bearbeiterin: Barbara Doepp.

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