JÖHLINGEN (JOEHLINGEN) please see WALZBACHTAL. 49°02' N, 08°35' E, 9 miles ENE of Karlsruhe, 33 miles NW of Stuttgart, in NW Baden-Württemberg. Today, part of Walzbachtal.  Jewish population: 99 (in 1875), 12 (in 1933). [Feb 2013]

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Jöhlingen (then Johannington) dates from 650. The Jewish cemetery is landmarked [photo].  First, they used the the Jewish cemetery at Obergrombach. In 1888, a private cemetery was built close to the railway line on the road to Wössingen. The Jewish cemetery area of 12.47 Ar has 46 visible gravestones. The last burial took place in the 1936. [Feb 2013]
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To see information and photographs of individual gravestones in cemeteries in Baden-Wuerttemberg, click on this link and follow the directions on that page.


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