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Alternate names: HUERBEN, HÜRBEN, rumbach-Hürben [Ger], Hürben, Krumbach-Huerben, Hirbe, also see Krumbach. Located at 48°35' N 10°12' E, 305.7 miles SSW of Berlin .Hürben, in the eastern part of Krumbach in Bavarian Swabia, was an independent village before it was incorporated into the neighboring town of Krumbach in 1902. Kammelwas on the border between Krumbach and Hürben.  Until the Third Reich, Hürben had a high percentage of Jewish residents in comparison with the Bavarian average. photo of memorial in the site of the former synagogue. [Feb 2013]


video talk, originally presented at the 2012 IAJGS conference in Paris [Feb 2013]

cemetery photos. Jewish cemetery history. photo. photo. [Feb 2013]

Cemetery list. Source: LBI

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