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49°22' N, 09°44' E, 48 miles NNE of Stuttgart, 32 miles SSW of Würzburg in Hohenlohekreis with the hamlets Eisenhutsrot, Heßlachshof Wendischenhof and is a district of Dörzbach in Hohenlohe . Jewish population: 168 (in 1854), 32 (in 1933). The Jewish community built a synagogue in 1817 and 1852, This Jewish cemetery [see photos and information] near Ailringen has 299 visible graves and was used from1852 to 1940. Until 1741 they used the Jewish cemetery at Unterbalbach and then at the Jewish cemetery at Weikersheim. In 1986, a memorial plaque on the building site of the former synagogue destroyed on Kristallnacht was dedicated. In the cemetery a memorial stands for the Jewish population deported and murdered by the Nazis. [Feb 2013]

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In 1852, dealer Mendle Wolf Ostrich bought a plot of land NE of Hohebach above the road to Ailringen, formerly as a vineyard. n addition to Jewish residents of Hohebach Jews from Ailringen, Mulfingen , Dörzbach, Hollenbach , Laibach , Altkrautheim and Künzelsau the cemetery. The rectangular walled cemetery is located on a hillside between former vineyards with the stone walls remaining.. 300 gravestones are visible in the cemetery and were photographed in 1988 for the Central Archives for the Study of the History of the Jews in Germany. photos and individual burials. photos. [Feb 2013]

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74677 Baden-Württemberg, See DÖRZBACH. (Gerz).

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