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Wappen von Heinsheim. Heinsheim village runs between Bad Wimpfen and Gundelsheim , a district of Bad Rappenau in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg . 49°08' N, 09°13' E, 26 miles N of Stuttgart, 41 miles SE of Mannheim, in N Baden-Württemberg. Jewish population: 118 (in 1836), 24 (in 1933)

The Jewish community dates from 16th century when Jews settled outside of town in the big Won Schlierbach. Heinsheimer Jewish cemetery was built and later was used by up to 25 surrounding Jewish communities. Since the 16th century a Jewish school existed..The still preserved buildings of the synagogue date from 1796. I(n accordance with a 1681 written agreement for the first nine families (three families under the protection of the German Order, six families under the protection of the local rule) limited until 1767 but grew to 17 families and in the mid-19th century to around 110 people that later declined significantly due to emigration.Jewish population: 994 (in 1885), 970 (in 1933)  82 in 1900, and 24 in 1933, 16 of them emigrated in 1937, after which the Jewish community dissolved. The synagogue and mikveh were sold. In November 1938 riots against five Jewish households occurred. In 1940, one Jewish family in Heinsheimr was deported to the Camp de Gurs. Before 1945, plans to level the Jewish cemetery for agricultural use were considered but in 1944 closed the Heinsheim community purchase contract was not registered in the land registry so the cemetery remained. Jews in the town included: [Feb 2013]

  • Fritz Heinsheimer (1897-1958), German Expressionist, later realist painter
  • Hans Heinsheimer (1900-1993), an Austrian music publisher, author and journalist
  • Karl Heinsheimer (1869-1929), German civil lawyer and professor at the University of Heidelberg
  • Max Heinsheimer (1832-1892), jurist and Baden Oberlandesgerichtsrat

See BAD RAPPENAU incorporating HEINSHEIM 74906 Baden-Württemberg (Gerz) in district of Bad Rappenau

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