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Coat of arms of GöppingenALTERNATE NAMES: JEBENHAUSEN [GER], JEBENJAUSEN, GÖPPINGEN-JEBENHAUSEN. Göppingen at 48°42' N, 09°40' E is a large district city about 40 km E of Stuttgart. Communities of Schlat, Wäschenbeuren, and Wangen are part of  the town of Göppingenroo. Jewish lived in Goppingen at least since the 19th century with a community and Freihofstraße synagogue destroyed by the Nazis on Kristalnacht 1938. The Jewish cemetery inside the Municipal Cemetery on Hohenstaufenstraße has a plaque commemorating the Jewish victims of the Shoah. 1900 Jewish population was 100. Jewish museum. Wikipedia

Coat of Jebenhausen prior to the incorporation Jebenhausen ( 335  m above sea level, since 1939 is a southern suburb district of Göppingen . 21 miles ESE of Stuttgart, in Landkreis Göppingen, E Baden-Württemberg. Wikipedia. The Jewish community dates from 1777 but diminished due to emigration and moving to larger cities. In 1899, the synagogue closed. The cemetery is in Jebenhausen. [Feb 2013]



JEBENHAUSEN 73035 Baden-Württemberg (Goeppingen)
DISTRICT: Göppingen
SOURCE: Gerz and Peters
LOCATION OF CEMETERIES: Göppingen I and Göppingen II (Jebenhausen).
Göppingen I - Hohenstaufenstrasse.
IN USE: 1903 consecrated , 1904 first burial, 1977 most recent burial

  • 1926-1927 burial register and cemetery layout by Aron Tänzer.
  • 1986-1988 cemetery layout, photographs of all gravestones with copies of their inscriptions and translations by Göppingen and Naftali Bar Giora Bamberger.
  • Prior to having their local cemetery, the Göppingen Jews used the cemetery in Jebenhausen (see Tänzer 1927, pages 211-214). As from 1904 a Jewish section in the general City’s cemetery, but not specifically designated as such, on the Hohenstaufenstrasse was used.
  • A commemorative stone plaque in the cemetery honours the victims of the Holocaust.
SOURCE: University of Heidelberg and Alemannia Judaica.

Göppingen II (Jebenhausen) - Kreuzhaldenweg (DETAIL).
IN USE: From 1779 (oldest gravestone dated 1781). Last burial 1939.
  • 1919-1926 burial register, cemetery layout and copies of selected gravestone instriptions by Aron Tänzer.
  • 1986 -1988 cemetery layout and photographs of all gravestone inscriptions with translations by Göppingen and Naftali Bar Giora Bamberger.
  • History, burial register (up to 1926) and cemetery layout by Tänzer 1927, pages 208-261.
  • Gravestone inscriptions of important members of the community by Tänzer 1927, pages 87, 156, 157 and 200.
  • Two photographs, each with several gravestones by Württemberg 1932, page 89.
  • History by Kauss 1981, page 15.
  • Complete cemetery documentation by Bamberger 1990, pages 17-254.

SOURCE: University of Heidelberg and Alemannia Judaica.
[Researched and translated from German February 2008]

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