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FREISTETT: Incorporated in RHEINAU Baden. 48 ° 40 'N, 07 ° 57' E, in the Rhine (French border), 11 miles NE of Strasbourg, in Ortenaukreis, W Baden-Württemberg. Since 1975, part of Rheinau. Jewish population: ~ 80 (in 1900), 33 (in 1933).

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A Jewish community existed since the 17th century. In 1756 Freistett Jews traded wood and goods. The Jewish community had a synagogue [damaged on Kristallnacht], a school and a mikveh attached to the synagogue. The Jewish cemetery was built in 1810. The teacher was also employed as a cantor and shochet worked. The community was in the Bezirksrabbinat in 1827.Jewish families lived primarily from the trade in groceries, tobacco, and cattle. In 1933 Jewish people engaged in the following businesses: Cigar Factory Leo Brunswick (main road 21), wool and dowry articles Eric Hammel (main road 19), Fabric Store "new store" Jenny and Julie Hammel (Rheinstraße 7), Viehhandlung Leopold Hammel (main road 9), Tailoring Empire (Rheinstraße 9). (from: alemannia judaica) [Feb 2013]

1766 7 families
1825 48 people or 3.4% of the population
1852 83 people or 4.9% of the population
1880 80 people or 3.8% of the population
1885 84 people
1900 70 people or 3.1% of the population
1925 46 people or 2% of the population
1933 33 people or 1.2% of the population

June 2008: memorial to the synagogue in Freistett unveiled

Memorial draws a connection to the present day - memorial to the synagogue on the marketplace Freistett unveiled

by Michael Muller in "Baden online - portal Ortenau" - Acher Rench-Zeitung of 30 June 2008 ( article ). With a small ceremony on the newly designed Freistetter marketplace on Thursday the memorial was unveiled, commemorating the Jewish synagogue that once stood there.Mayor Michael Welsche and sculptor Manfred Liesel Bach unveiled the memorial, which commemorates the Jewish synagogue in Freistett ..."




77866 Baden-Württemberg.

Photos of cemetery. map.  [Feb 2013]

History of the town and cemetery with photos of cemetery; site in German. Cemetery history and pictures on Wikipedia [German]: Before the building of this landmarked Jewish cemetery, the Jews were buried in Kuppenheim. Around 1810, a separate cemetery was dedicated on the highway 36 in Won Hungerfeld. The Jewish cemetery has an area of 29,40 Ar. 618 gravestones are still visible. The cemetery was the cemetery association of Jewish communities following: Bodersweier , Freistett , Kehl (until 1924), Lichtenau and Rheinbischofsheim . The oldest gravestone dates from1817 and the last from 1939. In the cemetery is a World War One memorial for the fallen of the Jewish community Lichtenau. [Feb 2013]

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  • Information on synagogue and congregation in LICHTENAU, one of the communities served by this cemetery.

Gerd Hirschberg has been writing the history of Jewish Freistett and Rheinbischofsheim. Gerd Hirschberg This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [gehirschberg (at)].  [Feb 2013]

To find information and photographs of individual gravestones in cemeteries in Baden-Wuerttemberg, click on this link and follow the directions on that page.

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