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Coat of arms of Braunsbach BRAUNSBACH is a municipality in Schwäbisch Hall district in Baden-Württemberg on the Kocher River, about 9.3 mi from the county seat of Schwabisch Hall. Braunsbach was formed in February 1972 by the voluntary merger of the formerly independent communities of Arnsdorf, Braunsbach, Döttingen, Geislingen am Kocher, Jungholzhausen, Orlach and Steinkirchen. 49°11′56″N 9°47′29″E

Rabbinatsmuseum Braunsbach. Cemetery photo. [Feb 2013]

74542 Baden-Württemberg
REGION Schwäbisch-Hall
LOCATION OF CEMETERY: north of village Am Schaalberg , at the edge of the woods.
IN USE: from 1738 or 1747 until 1938 (oldest gravestone dated 1747/48)

  • Prior to having their own cemetery the Jewish community in Braunsbach used that in Berlichingen (Hahn 1988, page. 505) and/or that in Schopfloch (Ansbach region, Bavaria) (Taddey 1992, page 251).
  • A tablet in memory of the Braunsbacher Jews who perished during the Nazi era is in evidence.

SOURCES: University of Heidelberg and Alemannia Judaica.
[Researched and translated from German December 2007]

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