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Coat of arms of Baisingen See Rottenburg Am Neckar. Baisingen is a suburban district of Rottenburg am Neckar in the administrative district of Tübingen at 48°30' N, 08°47' E, 26 miles SW of Stuttgart, in Landkreis Tübingen,/ The synagogue has been restored. Jewish population: 86 (in 1933). The permanent settlement of Jews in Baisingen * dates from 1640, with Jews subject to various restrictions and a heavy tax . In the 18th century, most were peddlers.Their economic situation improved somewhat in the 19th century,. The Jewish population peaked at 235 in 1843 and declined steadily thereafter. Another 109 Jews in the village of Unterschwandor were also part of the community but by 1869 only one was left . In 1848, local gangs attacked Jewish homes, causing much damage. The dead of the Jewish community were buried in Muehringen until 1778. Since then, a private cemetery NW of the town (Galgenweg, on edge,, 19.59 a). On it is since 1948 is a memorial stone for those murdered 1933 to 1945, which was donated by Harry Kahn. Cemetery desecration (1928.) By 1933 the Jewish population was 86, most in the cattle trade. On Kristallnacht (9-10 November 1938), SA units vandalized the synagogue, cemetery, and Jewish homes.Subsequently,60 Jews managed to leave the country. The cemetery was desecrated in 1949 and 1971. photo. [Feb 2013]

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