Coat of arms of Bad FriedrichshallBad Friedrichshall is a town in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany at the confluence of the Jagst and the Kocher into the Neckar, 10 km north of Heilbronn. Bad Friedrichshall, the connection of Kochendorf and Jagstfeld in 1933, is famous for its salt-mine. The Jewish dead were first buried in Neckarsulm. Since 1870, a separate cemetery in Kochendorf was the "Middle Path" (at the end of the road cap, parcel 4137/38, area 4.65 a). In WWII, the cemetery was badly damaged and after 1945 - where possible - restored. Cemetery desecration : On Saturday, the 27th October 2001 , three youths sprayed painted and damaged 14 graves. (Jobs Today 10/29/01). Kochendorf was connected with the neighbouring Jagstfeld into Bad Friedrichshall in 1933. Two years later, Hagenbach was incorporated. In 1944, a subcamp of the Natzweiler-Struthof KZ was established by the SS in Kochendorf. On June 17, 1951, Bad Friedrichshall became a town. On March 15, 1972, Duttenberg was incorporated. Untergriesheim followed on January 1, 1975. The district Plattenwald was rebuilt from 1992 until 1998 within the framework of a flat building program of the state Baden-Württemberg.

74177 Baden-Württemberg

DISTRICT: Heilbronn.
LOCATION OF CEMETERY: at the end of Kappenstrasse, close to Hannchen-Herz-Strasse.
IN USE: established 1870, oldest gravestone dated 1874, most recent gravestone 1916.

  • history by Fiess 1965, pages 423-424.
  • history by Angerbauer 1986, page 133.
  • during the 18th and 19th century Kochendorf’s population included up to 10% Jews. The first mention of Jews in Kochendorf was in the 16th century,
  • prior to 1870 the Deceased were buried in the Neckarsulm cemetery (Sauer 1966, page 37),
  • the cemetery was devastated several times after 1933 (Hahn 1988, page 215),
  • the last Jewish family emigrated from Kochendorf to the USA in 1936.
SOURCES: Alemannia Judaica and University of Heidelberg
[Researched and translated from German December 2007]
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