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Coat of arms of Aufhausen

48°52′20″N 12°17′9″E. Aufhausen is a municipality in the district of Regensburg in Bavaria. Jewish history and cemetery description/history. Jews settled there in 1510. 12 places are named 'Aufhausen' in Germany. This one is 52 miles E of Stuttgart in Ostalbkreis, Ostwürttemberg, E Baden-Württemberg. In 1975, Aufhausen became part of Bopfingen. Jewish populatoin: 378 (in 1854), 5 (in 1933). [Feb 2013]

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The Jewish cemetery was founded probably after the first mention of Jewish residents in Aufhausen, 1560. In 1658 Jews were expelled from Baldern so they took their cemetery andthe gravestones to the Aufhausener cemetery. Until 1936, Jews from Bopfingen, Lauchheim Ellwangen were (until 1901), buried here. (surface 41.43 a; location above the general cemetery, der Schenkensteinstraße ). The last burial took place in 1940. 63 gravestones (documentation of the Landesdenkmalamt Baden-Württemberg 1998). Full description and photos..[Feb 2-13]

73441 Baden-Wuerttemberg (Gerz)

Part of 73312 Geislingen an der Steige, Baden-Wuerttemberg. Also see Bopfingen.

  • Located near the new local cemetery.

To see information and photographs of individual gravestones in cemeteries in Baden-Wuerttemberg, click on this link and follow the directions on that page.

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